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Fire of God 
It is just after Christmas in 1919, and the icy grip of a relentless winter freeze has seized Manhattan. Snowstorm after snowstorm buries the city, and plummeting temperatures freeze the North River solid. With the streets of New York in impassable chaos, most people stay indoors to find what comfort they can inside the walls of their chilled apartments and freezing tenements.
Except one. A solitary, troubled, demon-plagued man who walks the silent streets to burn -- to bring peace to his tortured soul through the ferocious destruction of fire.Thrust into this maelstrom of fire and ice is New York City Fire Marshal Wes Causey. As the members of FDNY battle the weather and the gasoline-fueled flames, Wes sets out in search of a madman. As New Year's looms the number of fires and their terrible death toll increase -- as does the pressure from the newspapers and city hall. But despite his best efforts, Wes can't find the man setting the horrific fires. The arsonist's trail has become as cold and buried as the city itself. 
Wes stalks the cold streets of New York City, hunting a man driven to near madness. From a childhood wracked with abuse, to the tortured voices in his head, the arsonist plunges deeper and deeper into his own fire-plagued mind. A voice pushes him to set fires again and again -- a voice he embraces, the voice of an angel, an archangel known to many as Uriel -- the Fire of God.

The Twelfth Hour 

The time is 1918. American troops are fighting in Europe, but German saboteurs have brought the war to the streets of New York City. Craig von Bell is a German agent trained to disrupt, damage or destroy American warships, supply ships, munitions warehouses - any and all materiel and supplies heading to Europe from New York to help defeat Germany. His weapon of choice is arson. 

Wes Causey, one of the FDNY's few arson investigators, knows the arson is not random; he knows that the fires are not for profit or pleasure; he knows the fires are the work of a German saboteur who will eventually strike terror into the hearts and souls of the people of New York City.